Sunday, May 1, 2016

Brasilian Leg Problems‏

[from 04/25/16]

I have had a week of mis-adventures:   I spent the greater part of the week in rest (doctor ordered, the worst kind), and what little I was around walking we had some poor experiences with smells, churches and comments that had nothing to do with nothing.

So Monday, I already knew I had a problem, and the doctor told me it was frunco, just a fancy way to say I had a hole full of puss in my leg. So, antibiotics and an anti-inflammatory later, I'm all up ... with a hole still in my leg, but that should be going soon.  But it was a pain to remain in the house for 5 days only leaving after 5:00 in the evening.

On one of our few runs we had the great blessing and curse to eat some sad restaurant food that gave us NO desire to eat. ...

The other fun story was the testimony builder that I had of using the Spirit to teach. We found a small group of women who we taught briefly about loving the Savior and then keeping the commandments, and then asked them about the many churches that seem to exist. They all noted the inconsistency and made a comment about it, and then we told them to pray and ask to be shown the truth and informed them about the desire we have as missionaries to help people find the truth. THAT was fun. But that's all the time I have this week! 

Elder Joel A. Smith