Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Why Shouldn't We Trust Brasilian Dating Service

Hello friends,

Alright, before you draw any conclusions let me explain, this week was just NUTTY! We had some fun conversations with a few of our investigators that turned into read-between-lines-in-the-photo-album-of-Elder Smith. That was a wild bit of match-making, believe you me! I got put with just about every girl in every photo I have (menos mai, obviamente) and still they're pushing. WHY?

Beyond that we've learned some fun stuff this week. President Fernandes came out and visited us in a zone conference and taught us Fé- Crença, Fé-ação, and Fé-Poder (Faith-belief, Faith-action, Faith-power). Sorry about the Português I forgot English this week! And we got this Fé-poder is the same as Fé-ação except that we have to be obedient and invoke the powers of heaven to use Fé-Poder. That's where miracles enter. So, we are making some new covenants this week here. I'll let you know if miracles happen, if they do, I'm going to send you all a list of steps so you can apply the principle in your lives, too.

And then we have this fun picture of us making bread. Yep, we're learning with members here. So Elder Camacho (my companion) is at the bowl, Elder Adams is at the camera near the window, and I have no idea what Elder Suares is doing.

Until next week!                   
Elder Joel A. Smith

Monday, August 17, 2015

Brasil and Cake‏

Hello friends and family,

As it has been a while since I last wrote a good email about what I've been doing and what I haven't been saying in my personal E-mails I'll try to catch you all up. I'm now serving in a city called Guarapuava, for all you who have any idea of what a brasileiro cidade [Brazilian city] looks like, it’s a poorer version of Provo. So that's what I'm working with right now; fortunately it's not two of us working the whole city!

I'm teaching some fun people and some less-actives that just need friends. The kicker that I have is that we actually started a slang here (cade Ju Ju?) Which just means where's the logic of that?
So my new companion is from Hawaii. Jason, if you feel good where you are in Japan, being taller than everyone, my companion would be a monster. Like, I reach his shoulder standing strait. But I'm also short, so it's all good.

But were having fun with Jelly beans, as the Joke Of the Transfer. and OBRIGADO.  But I'll let you all know about that a little later! Enjoy the pictures!

Até Mais! [See you!]

Elder Joel A. Smith

Monday, August 10, 2015

Brasil, and much about Hawaii

So then where was I? I've lost track I am afraid. I'm in Brasil, with a Hawaiiano that has a better handle on Japanese than I do of Latin and he knows that better than I do! And here I thought I was in Brasil. Silly me. I don't have all the time I'd like this week to tell you all the fun stories, so wait until next week when I won’t have to do all the messy chores of this week on the computer. Here are a few pictures of my new house group, my companion and I and a couple of the coolest families in Rio Negro. Until Next Week, I'll keep you posted if I fall off the face of the earth!

Elder A. Smith

Monday, August 3, 2015

My Life, on a Dime, Brasil 101‏

Hey guys, this week is a bit off as I got transferred again. I'm in a new city (Guarapuava), I have a new companion (from Hawaii), and I'm in a new situation and I still don't know what to make of it. And I'm 20, just to make things that much more interesting.

Story of the week! I was walking in Rio Negro and we got to the house of one investigator that was really nice to us, gave us suits and shoes and tea and ... Oh wait!  I forgot!  You all don't know about this amazing thing called Erval chá! We drink herbal tea down here a lot, as we can't drink the traditional Chimarrão. Look that up, it's an interesting tradition. But here's the fun for you, we were there and teaching and his wife and the investigator were so receptive that we got to play the accordion for about 20 minutes. THAT was interesting. Take care this week and don't look like fish in Brasil!

Take care! Elder Joel A. Smith

Mountains in the city - Rio Negro / Mafra area