Monday, August 3, 2015

My Life, on a Dime, Brasil 101‏

Hey guys, this week is a bit off as I got transferred again. I'm in a new city (Guarapuava), I have a new companion (from Hawaii), and I'm in a new situation and I still don't know what to make of it. And I'm 20, just to make things that much more interesting.

Story of the week! I was walking in Rio Negro and we got to the house of one investigator that was really nice to us, gave us suits and shoes and tea and ... Oh wait!  I forgot!  You all don't know about this amazing thing called Erval chá! We drink herbal tea down here a lot, as we can't drink the traditional Chimarrão. Look that up, it's an interesting tradition. But here's the fun for you, we were there and teaching and his wife and the investigator were so receptive that we got to play the accordion for about 20 minutes. THAT was interesting. Take care this week and don't look like fish in Brasil!

Take care! Elder Joel A. Smith

Mountains in the city - Rio Negro / Mafra area

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