Monday, August 17, 2015

Brasil and Cake‏

Hello friends and family,

As it has been a while since I last wrote a good email about what I've been doing and what I haven't been saying in my personal E-mails I'll try to catch you all up. I'm now serving in a city called Guarapuava, for all you who have any idea of what a brasileiro cidade [Brazilian city] looks like, it’s a poorer version of Provo. So that's what I'm working with right now; fortunately it's not two of us working the whole city!

I'm teaching some fun people and some less-actives that just need friends. The kicker that I have is that we actually started a slang here (cade Ju Ju?) Which just means where's the logic of that?
So my new companion is from Hawaii. Jason, if you feel good where you are in Japan, being taller than everyone, my companion would be a monster. Like, I reach his shoulder standing strait. But I'm also short, so it's all good.

But were having fun with Jelly beans, as the Joke Of the Transfer. and OBRIGADO.  But I'll let you all know about that a little later! Enjoy the pictures!

Até Mais! [See you!]

Elder Joel A. Smith

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