Sunday, August 28, 2016

22 Brasil

[from August 22]

It is COLD today! I thought that was a thing of legend here in Brasil!

Here's my week in a nut shell: I got sick and got over it. That about sums it up. We got to help few people, but that doesn't mean the work got stopped. Our couple from the area has moved on to a new problem. Arguments, so we'll get that cleared up. Then there should be nothing holding them back on being baptized and all that good stuff. My companion is getting better in his speech. I still have to get better at what I'd call finding the elect. It's a tricky part of the mission.

This week, it rained straight but I think we'll be alright. We just got wet and cold the whole time. That's my week, until next!

Elder Joel A. Smith

Monday, August 15, 2016

I'm in Brasil, and Supposedly it's Winter

Hello relations, I hope this message finds you all happy and well.

This week I have worked a lot and felt that I had some success. [My new companion is Elder Whitney.] As a [new] companionship we are alright; we don't have anything that is hurting us; we'll be alright. We just have a lot to do today; I have to run a lot of errands.

We're working with a couple who need help. The husband drinks until he sleeps, we got to see one of those. We were helping him and when he starts to feel pressured he drinks and then another, and another and another ... He needs help. So we're not going to be quitting on him too easily. He wants to change; just it'll take time and him taking the thing seriously.

Other than last week having a member in the ward pass away and me getting transferred I had some fun with the families. Wilson, Cleide, Felipe Victor and Ilza... What a good family, Jose Henricke, his family, Leandro, Jesica, Juliano... Em fim, there are a lot of people I'm going to be missing from there.

There's the lowdown on mission life. You make friends and then you leave. Here, I hope, I can stay for a while. I'm liking the area. The members are great, the "ward" is small, and there's a lot of work to be done. Anyway, here's my week, hope to hear from you all next week!

Elder Joel A. Smith

Elder Whitney:  Newell K Whitney's great-great-great-great-grandson!

My companions all do some quirky thing when it gets cold

The Zone

This Week in Brasil

[from August 8, 2016]
This week I was visiting a lot of less actives and members. It's cool to see the success we're having with them. I've been transferred and after what happened yesterday I'm glad of it. [A member of the ward died]. 

Besided that I'm now with my first american companion since elder Egan. I'm going to rest now So everyone, take care, I'll talk to you all more next week. Tchau!

Elder Joel A. Smith

With Elder Marques before the Transfer