Monday, August 1, 2016

The Brasilian Way of Life

My week has been a pushed one. I'm doing alright, but the challenges are great and the workers are indeed few!

My week started with the challenges of contacts that don't want missionaries. I still have this issue! People are closed out here!

Here's my week:   We are teaching and helping about everyone we can, be it less active, investigator, or member. The tough part is that I have a big area to cover and little time every day. I have to really plan out my day to get to everyone. And those we are teaching are fun to get to talk to every once in a while because they have some fun questions. But how things are going I need to get things rolling.

As of now ... My work with the ward has improved. The ward has been fun but it should get better now.  We are only seeing the start of the ward unifying. The rest should improve shortly. I think for this week the story I want to tell comes from "knocking," A few days ago it was cold and cloudy; that ended up being a hazard for us. No-one wanted to answer the door, and just gave us the "don't talk to me" look. That was a tough day. But I hope that this week we'll be able to get the ball rolling better.
I hope everyone is well and happy. I'll talk to you all next week!

Elder Joel A. Smith

Family Home Evening

Morning Workout

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