Friday, November 7, 2014

First P-Day in Brazil

OI from CTM in BRAZIL!!! okay, story time! after we landed and went through customs, we got on a bus that brought us to the CTM, which even though was only a half hour from the airport, it took an hour to get here due to traffic. And what traffic it was! You couldn't put another car on the road without the guardrails breaking! But, as is the case with all over populated [places], you have the scooters and motorbikes using the "lane" between the cars to get to their destinations. And it was raining! I honestly thought I was going to watch a bike slip and then a car hit the rider! And for Dad, we got to see an ambulance get swallowed with traffic. The same process that applies to how food moves down the throat applies to traffic here with emergency vehicles. 

I wish I could send digital images from here, but I can't. So I hope to print and send some snail mail soon. Crowded has a whole different meaning here. There are no yards, no allies (that aren't blocked by razor wired gates) and the buildings are almost all sharing a wall. And the garage? Oh yeah! Use the space between the gate and the front door, no problem. (the cars are all FIAT style, it's okay!) This place is awesome. ...

I'm learning the language... slowly. I wish I was quicker; everyone is so nice about me trying, but it takes me the amount of time to get a point across that it would take to learn a musical instrument! It's a little trying, but God willing, I hope to understand eventually. I went to the Temple today (P-day!!!) and was really amused to occasionally take off my head set and watch the new session video with the words not matching the mouth movements (English-Portuguese is great! It's twice as bad as English-Japanese!) 

Okay, I have jet lag, and the humidity and the change in air pressure made my nose bleed for a while and just about made me pass out, but besides that I'm mostly healthy. I hope you're all well, take care of each other ...  Love you!

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