Wednesday, October 29, 2014

First Email Message

Okay, so week one. My first companion is Elder Taylor and he is exementi! He isn't the most focused person on the language but he knows his stuff. I was worried about getting a companion that was so tall I couldn't really talk to him due to the breeze above me, but he's pretty close to my height. Food here isn't the best, but I've had worse, and the Chicken is fine... why Uncle Greg? Just Why?

I aprendar Portuguese moito bem, mas moito slow! The language is almost like English in the way that you have to conjugate every verb. My first "lesson" I had to give was on day three to a teacher acting like an investigator, and that was so hard because it had to be in the language!

I'll send you photos next time, but this time I had problems just getting the computer to do what I wanted it to. My district has twelve elders in it, all elders, and four of us could leave for Brazil in the next week or so. Myself included. Elder K-- is here in my district too, and there is another Elder Smith, so weird!! I have Pday on Tuesday and the district seems to have chosen four-square as the sport of the district.  I only have sixty minutes on a computer every given week so Letters are preferable if you want an individual message. Hope you are all well, and I'll write you next week.

Love from;
Elder Smith

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