Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Feliz Natal

Okay, another crazy week here in Brazil.  I had my first baptism on the 17th and that was AWESOME!!! Our investigator was so excited to finally be baptized after having the missionaries for almost ... 8 weeks? I don't know, my companion says he's been teaching her for a while now. 

Another thing: what happens when you let missionaries cook their own meals? (pictures below) We had enough food to last us two days. In one sitting we made one kilogram of Macarrão!

My companion and I are getting along well. We switched ties, and he even got a special gift from me on the day of the Baptism. Yeah, I need to get a new one when I get back to Utah, but I honestly think the fact that a Brazilian wanted an American soccer jersey was pretty cool. And I already got the Curitiba jersey.

I learned that you don't talk to people who argue with you, not from experience. My companion saved me from getting into an argument with a very bravo mulher sobre a Bíblia. Noss, that was wild. She wanted nothing more to tell us than that she wanted the priesthood and couldn't get it and ... well, honestly, I think she's a hard one to talk to anyway. My companion explained afterwards that she was an apostate, one who was once a member and now doesn't believe. I wanted so much to tell her, you don't need the priesthood to be saved and do great things, but I didn't know the words or the ability to interject that into the flying conversation!

That's all I have time for right now, so Merry Christmas (Feliz Natal) and remember the reason for the season! Tchau!
Elder Cavalcante and Elder Smith

Lotsa Pasta

A Brazilian wearing an American soccer shirt

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