Monday, December 8, 2014

First Week in Curitiba

Hello, family!

My trip was by plane, and it was no fun, as usual​, except for the landing, that was good. I have to inform you that this place is beautiful, once you get past the fact that there is garbage everywhere and 75% of the city (at least where I'm teaching) is Ghetto. I'm sending you the photos that I took all the way back when I was in Provo just so I can clear that camera up some. I got to see some of the country, and there are just a few mountains just over the horizon from us here in Curitiba.

I did get to meet my mission president, and his wife speaks better English than he does. Unfortunately, I'm struggling a lot with just trying to understand these people. For me this is really hard because I so much want to share my testimony, experiences, and love for this people! My companion now is Brazilado, speaks next to no English (except when he's joking around) and fortunately knows his stuff quite well. I leave a lot of the talking to him as I know next to nothing here. Anyway, the house I'm in is a one-bedroom, one-bathroom, one-kitchen and one-front-room building. You wouldn't believe me unless I took photos, so I'll send you some next week.
Happy holidays! It really doesn't feel like it here, but enjoy the snow!

Elder Taylor and Elder Smith

Elder Smith at Provo Temple
With MTC companions at Provo Temple

Sao Paulo by bus
Elder Smith at Sao Paulo Temple
With CTM companions at Sao Paulo Temple

Elder Smith with instructor at CTM
Elder Smith with Elder and Sister Hale and district at CTM

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