Monday, December 29, 2014

Week 5 in Campo Comprido

Bom Dia!
I'm happy it's week five in campo comprido and my good news is, it's going well. We're teaching and we have somewhere close to 15 people in the wood works. And to my ever great surprise, learning the language is easy... when you aren't learning conjugations, new words, and grammar every day. wait...

So Christmas week is closing up and we have some great stories of food to tell... and lots of it! Photos should tell you how much food we have in the house now. My companion said that a lot of food was never a problem... well, now we have the problem of eating all of it!

So I realize I never said I got scripture cases in the CTM in São palo, well here they are. Chic!

Now, good story that I would love to tell from this week: so, my companion and I were on a road and it was my turn to "knock", and we met Adão who was visiting his brother and lived just down the street. I talked to him through the gate for a while and got us inside, and once we started teaching the Restoration he was involved! He reacted to what we were saying not just sitting there listening. When we told him the story of the first vision, using his words, "noss!" He wanted to know more, I think he's ready to hear the word, how about you guys? Anyway, that's my story of the week.
Ate mais!
Elder Cavalcante's Christmas Package

Christmas with a good family

Elder Santas

Glorious Food

Scripture Cases - Front

Scripture Cases - Back

Scripture Cases - Side

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