Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year

Sorry I don't have time to write a big message today; my week went well and I’m happy. Here's the photos of the week! And please, if you visit here don't make the same mistake I did and forget an umbrella!

So personal experience this week, it rains a lot here, but we have a more interesting occurrence that causes some amusement to me when it happens. Okay. Encountering drunks. They're funny but also dangerous. Had a close call with one this week; he was standing in front of a less active member's home and we wanted to go teach her. This guy was lost, so we gave him directions and a card to call if he wanted to learn more, (the whole time he was asking for money, where the bus was, etc.) then we walked a little way down the road and returned a little later. But I had the thought: aren't we all like this guy once or twice in our lives? We don't know where we are, we have nothing, and we need someone to find us and point us in the right direction. Just a thought for the week. 

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