Monday, January 19, 2015

Meu "Freaking" companheiros‏

Olá e bom dia!
So the title has a back story: Every single Brazilian missionary knows one phrase in inglês, “My Freaking (fill in with a random object in Português),” which actually is really funny in the accent here. But that's really a stretch for me to try to give the accent in an email.
So, this week went really... well, sub -average for me. With the transfer, my new companion and I have to come up with a teaching method that works for us both. Sounds easy, for you more experienced missionaries you know better! IT'S HARD!! With my trainer it was easy, he gave me words, and I said them. Nice, now I have words to use, now I'm trying to switch things up and use new words to explain the same thing. Then transfers!!! Yay, new companion! And he uses words I have never heard before... Elder, where are we in the lesson? This makes things fun. I have to make mention that I love my new companion for the small fact that he teaches me new words all the time and is really good a teaching the conjugations of a word. But lessons... Nossa! Como sim rapidás? Difícil.
A historia da Semana! Minha câmara recebeu uma virus. So sorry, this week due to technical difficulties, no pictures. But this week I have a clean slate to continue. The week went really well for introducing my companion to the area and the people we're teaching here. No big surprises, and everyone is reacting the way I expected (which is easy for me to explain.). Now, we have this great investigator (Andre) who we've been teaching for a while now. In the past when we tried to convidar-lhe for baptism he said he wanted to wait for a year, learn more, then if he got a responce to his prayers, he'd get baptized. (WHAT?!?!) After transfers, and fortunately my companion now has a scripture that explained exactly what we needed to respond to how the spirit feels. He now recognizes his responce and he'll get baptized on 31 of this month!!
We also had a investigator fall into our path por meio member of the ala. Germano, a recent convert, went to the praia (beach) and met Tamires. Okay, no big deal. Shared the Gosple, and found out she lives in our area... and after one visit with Germano she's committed to be baptized on the same day as Andre. The church is true guys. Milagres acontecer.
That's all I have time for this week, and as my companion says with a thick Brazilian accent: the church is true, the book is blue. Tchau!
Élder A. Smith.
PS. As a rule of the mission: do not tentará conversar com amigo after I send emails, I will not be able to respond until the next week.

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