Monday, January 12, 2015

Hi from Campo Comprido

So this transfer, believe it or not, we pretty much knew that my trainer (that's right, good old Élder Cavalcante) was getting transferred. He's been here for six months now, so he was bound to leave soon. However, this means I now have a new trainer [companion]. And for the first time, I have someone next to me that I can actually use as a leaning post. I'M KIDDING! Élder R. Lima, he's from way up north, and he today (Quase 32 C) [89 degrees] is wearing long sleeves.  I don't understand this madness! He'll be great. He's really animated.

So after this transfer of speaking a lot, getting new people to talk to and finding new roads to "knock", my trainer, and frankly, good friend is going to be the branch president in a brand new area that was closed for a while. Eu Espero por quando nos encontramos de novo Élder Cavalcante! Boa Sorte! Oh, também, tenho photos por você aqui!

Other than that, I found that finding people to talk to is one thing, getting back to them another day is so hard... just because those times that we'd have other plans are the times that new people are able to meet with us! AHHHH!

My normal day starts with me getting out of bed, saying a prayer and exercising for a 40-minute period after which I shower, then have a piece of bread and start planing/ studying for the day. After all the planning/studying I do, we go for almoço (lunch) which is really good, just because the members make it and I don't.  After that, we work. "Knocking" doors, and getting in sometimes, talking with people on the street, and then the lessons: normally mais tarde. But when I come home, dead tired note (I walk for more than 4 miles normally in a day) I'm glad to shower then read a short scripture with my companion about faith, then sleep! Church is going better now that I understand more. And the mission president of the area is a lot like Dad ... minus one thing. Dad still has a few dark hairs. No more baptisms, but in the next couple of weeks you're going to hear a lot about Gabriel and Maria, they're almost ready. 

Penguin made out of ? eggplant?

Elder Cavalcante with cake

Elder Smith with friend

With friends

"Go Forward with Faith"
What muscles!

Farewell to Elder Cavalcante


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