Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Pinherinho Brasil‏

We found some new people to teach, set some goals to reactivate some old members and are really working on getting the members here fired up. We have a lot of people super soft and they really aren't preparing to do anything... other than slacking on the Sabbath. Mall, birthday parties, you name it. … So I was really happy when we had the leader/ president of the area of Brasil talk at stake conference about being like Nephi. "We all like to compare ourselves to Nephi and not Laman and Lemuel, but which of the two groups you think made their trips to visit their families? Which of the two groups are going to church every week? Which of the two groups are helping the missionaries and having family home evening every week?" Que vergonha [What a shame]!

After all that we are having a lot of fun running into people unusual here. Marcelo has to be my favorite. He's not entirely sound in his mind, but he is awesome. He was baptized some 15 years back, and went inactive. He's just coming back now with us. The missionaries before ran into him on the street and didn't get the address or anything really about him. So I had the great pleasure of finding him "knocking" doors. He exited the door, invited us in and started talking about the things in the church, Lamanites having dark skin because of their sins, "slow down! You’re a member?" "Yes, I was baptized by Elder______ and ______ on 12/12/2000." My goodness! The best thing about him is he's so honest. The day we got their he asked where and when church was. Sunday he was back a ready to serve. Oh and I finally got a camera for you guys. SO PHOTOS ARE BACK!!

And for you people who think Brasil is all sun and warm: NOOOOO, NO, IT'S NOT TRUE! We were debating the color of my companion’s sweater and we haven't made up our minds yet. If you have any suggestions please help Send me a line and I'll gladly pass the word to my companion! oh, if you have a less active in your ward, go talk to him/ her as soon as you can. The reason we have so many here is because people aren't looking out for them. Really, they need a friend with a testimony to help them out. Até Próximo! Tchau!

Elder Barros

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