Monday, May 25, 2015

SO, I'm Lost in Brasil, Again ...

[The message below is from 5-18-15, which we received today, due to technical difficulties]

AMIGOS! COMO ESTÃO!!! [Friends, How are you]
I'm back at making the world think that there is a Brasilian in America! I'm learning a few new things and working my way around understanding the customs of these people now that I have a pretty good idea of what they're talking about. That said, let's take a quick spin around my week here in Pinheirinho with my new companion, Elder Leal.
Elder Leal and I are probably the best match that I've had since my trainer, who is now back a t home. I have a great understanding of the Book of Mormon, my companion is great with the Bible, he wants to learn English, I want to learn all I can about Português. And we both want to transform this area into the area Batisador! That said, let’s look at week one:
He got here and we started working right away to get things in order for the week. I gave him the low down on our current investigators and where we've had the most success so far., and then we went at it. The first day at the grind we found 2 new people that were really soft. SO we moved on from them in one week. But we also had a lot of work to do with less actives. All's well that ends well.
We are working with a Sidimar here in the area, he's 19 and he's served a little in the military already here. Something mandatory as it would appear as my companion has also served. He's less active, but this week he came with us to church, YES! We were quite happy with the fact that on the same day we were also giving a talk in respect of missionary work. We did our talks after which our 2nd counselor in the bishopric got up and burned everyone with scriptures. Excluding the missionaries and the stake leaders.
We had a baptism last week that I didn't mention, so here's some pictures of that, and then we have some photos of us doing crazy things with bugs, hats, Pizza places, and some cool areas we have here. HAVE A GREAT SEMANA [week], oh, foi mal [my bad], WEEK!!

Baptism- with Elder Barros

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New Companion, Elder Leal

Elder Leal and Elder Smith

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