Monday, June 1, 2015

Nossa Senhora! [Our Lady?]

[Note: This message is from May 25, but we just received today due to technical difficulties]
I'm finding a lot of wonderful people and teaching a lot. We're finding a good deal of people that have never seen the missionaries and they are quite receptive of hearing the message we have. I'm inviting people to be baptized but here’s the kicker, so has everyone else [from other churches]! So we have to explain the situation with authority and all that fun stuff. When we invite again they say things like "when I feel that what your saying is true, then sure." alright, one baptismal challenge?

I also now am getting a kick out of talking to people. We Made one contact this week that we just laughed at: knocked, dog comes out, my companion likes dogs, gives his hand to sniff, and CHOMP, just about loses his finger to a Chihuahua! Lesson 32: DON'T DO THAT!

Elder A. Smith

Elder Leal with Friend

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