Monday, June 29, 2015

From off the Edge off the World: Brasil

Hope no one is wondering what happened to the brave jokester Elder Joel A. Smith, he only fell of the edge of the world for two weeks. But, he came back; all is well and right with the world.

I got transferred, I'm no longer in Curitiba. I got transferred to the Santa Catarina/ Parana border cities of Mafra and Rio Negro. It's all the same city, only it's on both sides of a river. It's got a foot in two states, not even joking. One is everything that you ever wanted from a German town the other is all Brasil. I'm also once again under supervision from Elder Matos. He's my New Leader of the Zone. And get this, all 4 missionaries of the district live in the same house. So Elder Matos, myself, and our companions all wake up, say 'Bom Dia' then do exercises and study side by side. It's a different game than I'm used to, as until now I've only had rooms and companions one on one. Here in Mafra, it's a whole new meaning of free-for-all!

Even though I'm in a different state, the bus ride wasn't too terrible. Only about... 3 hours. And that was with two other stops. I've also had to say goodbye to a few people that I honestly hope that I can go back and see again. You can see their pictures below. I'm starting over again here as literally nothing here was set in place to really get a good start. So, We have a lot of hills here. I'll be in good shape after this transfer. And I'm re-training my companion, Elder Egan. Meaning his companions never really got him going. So that said, I'm going to write all my fun stories next week as this week I just did all my catch-up work from the last two weeks off the edge of the earth. Tchau, têm a boa semana [Have a good week]!

Elder A. Smith

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