Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Three-Day Transfer, Brasil

Aí amigos, tudo bem? Espero que sim porque esto moito animado para trabalhar depois eu sair deste lan house! [Well friends, okay? I hope so because I am very excited to work after I leave this Internet café!]

Alright, by way of announcements, my companion has been working hard, I worked my foot off (I'll send a picture of my bruised toe next week), and I've learned my lessons well.

First and foremost, I'm living the dream. If you call a rain-drenched summer the dream. Starting on Friday it hasn't stopped raining. But the three days before is the focus. Here’s how that went:

I got to the area and met Elder Marcondes. He's now 57 days from hugging his noiva, I think that's like a fiancée. So he's trunky!!!!! But he'll work you to death if you aren't careful. We taught in that short time 32 lessons, made about 110 contacts, and challenged about 17 people to be baptized. Note: only about 5 accepted the challenge, but that's normal. I got chased by a drunk after a family-home-evening with the president of the branch in Villa Bella, in which I burned my hand eating a very Brazilian hot dog. I'll share the recipe for you all to try that next week. So, that was a very full day. The next days were full of my contacting, teaching, and finally returning to my area. I don't have time to write everything as the three days were very full, but after all that we did there I learned a few lessons that I hope will be well transmitted in my parents’ talks on Sunday. But I learned a lot and will be more than happy to share more next week. 


Elder Joel A. Smith

The Zone

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