Monday, October 26, 2015

Brasil..... Ç And All Those Fun Accents!‏

Olá, e BOOOOM DIAAAAAA! [Hello and Good Morning!]

So after one more week of fun, conferences, and DRAMA!!!! I'm still in one piece and still in Guarapuava as transfers just shaved my head. We have a few fun stories to tell, I don't know if last week’s email made it to the blog so I'm hoping that it's alright to just go forward.

I'm still working with that amazing investigator that fell right into our lap, Jose Carlos. He's already stopped with the coffee; we're now working on cigarettes. It's all good, he only smokes 8 a day. Other than him, we have the family of a recent convert of the church that will be ready to marry on the 20th of next month. Baptism the day after. 

So my story this week comes from the trip from Xarquinho. We were happily running along home with a member driving us when suddenly out of the shadows we saw GARBAGE!!!! Or more like a cross dresser trying to get picked up. Garbage. Alright it could have been worse, but ever since we passed that corner with a member, there he/she/it was, every night, 8:40 pm on out. We came to call this "visão urubu" [vulture vision]. 

But that said, we did have a cool experience this week. We were working closely with a family that only the sister and daughters are members. The fun thing is, ever since I've been here, the sister has never wanted to get married, has always wanted to finish college and then work with her parents. Everyone here knows about my study to be a fashion designer, so, she asked me to design her graduation dress and (to my surprise) wedding gown. (I CAN'T SPELL!! English is a problem my friends.) But I think she's accepting that she needs to get married.

Take care! Amo vocês, Cuida suas responsabilidades! Fica firme na fé! [I love you, take care of your responsibilities! Firm in the faith!]

Elder Joel A. Smith

Angry Bird - quero quero [Lapwing]

Joel's doodle of "The Bird Man and the Word"

Joel's doodle of "The Monkey Man"

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