Monday, November 2, 2015

Brasileiro Coisas, e Moito Água (Brazilian things and lots of water)‏

Friends, Family, and other relations who I still haven't decided what I want to call you, I'm pleased to announce that I'm still alive and excited to work.

So as my time is short, I'll cut to the chase: My week started well, ended VERY depressingly. The start of the week was great with the announcement that I would be staying, my companion also, and my friend from the MTC took off to Curitiba again. ATÉ PRÓXIMO ELDER ADAMS, SENTIREMOS FALTA DE VOCÊ!! [UP NEXT ELDER ADAMS , will miss YOU!!]

All the work this week ended up on my shoulders when we started in search of new people to teach, our efforts were rewarded with 3... out of the 67 people I talked to and the 50 my companion talked to ... that was a lot of digging for a few flecks of Gold. But it would appear that of these three, two have a great potential to progress! God knows best.

Fun story of the week, we got a green missionary out of the MTC Brasil this week, he's being trained by Elder Soares, Elder Ibarra of Equador. So he talks fast, his accent is great to imitate, and he's a pure joy to be around. He ended up meeting Irmão Akihiko (yes, he's Japanese) and they had a ball, the accents were a nightmare!!

We had a few sad points this week as well. Saturday, on the bus ride home from Xarquinho, we knew a trauma happened in the ward, Sunday morning we found out what happened. A young man in the branch of 17, drowned. The funeral was held Sunday afternoon. We only had the sacrament on Sunday, classes were cut short, and no testimonies were given. One good thing, I got to play the violin in the ward during the reunion, that was a small plus. But it was a sad weekend.

Have a great week! Amo Vocês (a quem pertence!) [I love you (to whom that pertains!)]

Até Próximo!

Elder Joel A. Smith

Jose Carlos, investigator, and Elder Smith

Mansion from the 80s


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