Monday, November 30, 2015

BRASIL and What Not

From 11/16/15:

Fun stuff this week, I got a new companion, Elder Grabski. Spelling that is fun, saying it is even worse! He's my second companion Gaúcho [explanation: he is from Rio Grande do Sul, which is the LAST state of Brazil, and if you're from there you're called a cowboy or Gaúcho. Elder Grabski is from a farming family so he is literally Gaúcho], so I'm really excited. But we may only be together one transfer, depending on me.

The adventures of the week: Truckers are still on strike. So food may be fun to shop for in about three weeks. Christmas might be an adventure to tell here soon. But this week we had a blast with RANDOM RAIN. So we're in that season when it's hot, muggy, then out of nowhere, it turns into a powerful thunderstorm. That happened twice this week, and one of them almost knocked out the power in sacrament meeting. I'm glad to say no one got hurt ... that we heard about. But we all escaped in good health.

We have a marriage announcement, next week, on sexta-feira [Friday], our pair of determined investigators will be married. Sabido [Saturday] baptism, domingo [Sunday] confirmation. So we're happy. See you all next week! Time got cut short today!

Elder A. Smith

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