Monday, November 30, 2015

Brasil, Gaúcho, and That Thing ...

So, after one more week of being on the mission I've come to a rather sad conclusion: I'm not in the USA. The events of the last week have rather shaken me. I'm still happy at work and all, but we have a really humbling circumstance we're working with [related to the impoverished circumstances of the people], and it's rather throwing me. But, all in all, it's been a good week.

For starters, we had a few days of sun, a few of rain and a few that I'm not sure what Mother Earth was planning, but it was rather scary [see picture of storm below]. 

My friend, Elder Grabski, has been a ball of fun this week. We taught one lesson that could have gone very bad, but he managed to save it. And he can't sleep unless he reads for 30 minutes before he lies down. I'll put more in about him next Monday, IF I don't end up getting transferred. 

That was my week, Until the next one!

Elder Joel A. Smith

The Bottomed-Out Bike

Sandstorm Guarapuava, the last photo I took before we had to dive for cover!

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