Monday, December 21, 2015

Brasil, Ultimate Street Fighter, and V for Verissimo‏

[From December 14, 2015]

Olá e bem vindo Semana 2 de transferência numero... sabe, não me lembro mais...[Hello and welcome to week 2 transfer number ... you know, I do not remember ...]

I'm glad to have had another cool week of adventures and oddities that I'm sure you'll all enjoy. But first, before the stories, I want to wish you all Happy Birthday Guarapuava!!!!

Shout out to Jason (Watson) Thanks for continuing to write, you're helping me keep up the animo of the work! Half way around the world and I'm working with a Brother named Akihiko Udagaua. Blake, Jason, he has an accent so thick you'd think he left Japan 3 years ago! And he still reads and speaks.

Along the lines of stories, contacts and very excited people. We were looking through some of the richer parts of the area, and we knocked a door and the contact went like this: Asked the boy in the front to get his mom, "Hello, I'm called Elder A. Smith and this is my friend Elder Verissimo and we're missionaries, and what's your name?" Ciro "Hey Ciro, how old are you?" 10 "Already grown up, is your mom or dad home?" yeah, let me go get them "Pleasure to meet you, my name is Elder A. Smith..." mom of Ciro: "Janaina, would you like to come in?" AND that's what happens when you are praying for people to teach.

I would include more, but in the week to come I will add more stories, the Lan House is closing TCHAU!!!

Elder Joel A. Smith

Elder Smith and Elder Verissimo

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