Monday, December 28, 2015

This Brazilian Party‏

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and may this letter find you all well and happy!

This Christmas and New Years in a few words was fattening. We have received two boxes full of food that we have received from the branch and members. So that was loads of fun; we weren't expecting it at least.

As far as my Christmas stories go, we were quite happy when on Christmas day we were able to find a few people with skype and talk with them. But we had some more good experiences that need to be told. We found that many, many people that travel. Including the people we least expected. So we're looking for new people to teach and baptize. That's an adventure and a problem for us for now. But we have had a few fun things happen. We sang at the branch Christmas party, which we sang, I got to play the Violin (endless happy faces) and then we had to run, but don't worry, the members brought us half a cow after. 

And then the work part of everything. We got to work with a cool Christmas video that I hope everyone got to see! We actually used it to teach a few people. But in the course of the week, we got our faces painted with green mud, a bird came into our apartment and Elder Verissimo got to hold it a bit, we got rained on... twice and Elder Ibarra (our other companionship in the apartment) Cried. We think he was feeling the after effects of the call home, but were all happy to be on the mission, and I hope you all are well and having a Happy New Year.

Elder Joel A. Smith

PS I would have sent pictures too, but the computer is having issues this week!

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