Monday, January 4, 2016

WHAAAA....... Brasil 2.0‏

THIS (being the first email of the year) IS BRASIL, after seeing the whole year I now know what to do, what not to do, and in case of emergency what to break.

The week was full of adventures in the rain, and a few of us just messing around. I was quite excited to learn the lessons that I needed. The good news is next year about this time I'll be taking a break; I'm tired about 80% of the time and the other 20% I'm sleeping or doing something active.

So the stories of the week: We are going to be senseless until we get to watch the new Star Wars, and this past week we had a rapid debate about what the first things we'll be doing when we get home. Star Wars marathons was on three of the four lists. We also have this great card game that we all seem to have gotten hooked on. It's like war ...  only with cars, tractors, four wheelers, fish, etc.  It's quite entertaining.

But enough of what happens in the apartment. We have a group of people that have CATS.  (see the photo below) The kittens are crazy. And they sleep on us while we're teaching. We also played volley with our feet in the church grounds, which was really fun. Unfortunately, some of our investigators have been traveling these past weeks, so that's been a true pain. We hope they all come back this week! And then we have some good news, and some bad news, the transfer is almost over (that’s good) the unfortunate part is I've been here the longest, which means that I'll likely be traveling here soon. :..(

So after being awake for half the night (everyone and their dog lets off fireworks on New Year’s, EVERYONE!!) we went to lunch and we found a dog, that happened to fall asleep in the "Idoso" parking space, which is reserved for the aged and disabled. We are still working out if he was really "Idoso" or if he just wanted to wake up closer to the market doors. Then there's the endless churrasco (barbeque)! AND DON'T YOU DARE COMPARE!! We have steak and ribs and all that good meat:  a barbeque isn't anywhere near in the States; hamburgers and hotdogs is a sad comparison.

But that's all for this week, have a great year, enjoy the pictures, and STAY HAPPY!!!!

Elder Joel A. Smith

A very tall Lamanita (Lamanite)

Dog in the Handicap Space - After New Year's

Hanging in the Church Courts (Man, I'm White!)


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