Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Brasileiro Samurai Jack!

 From January 18, 2016

Good day! Unfortunately, I did not take pictures this week. It was a busy one and really I don't want to carry my camera where it could be a license to be mugged. But we have some fun stories for the week.
In our many adventures of the area, we went to the home an investigator that is taking forever to baptize! And while there, her daughter was on the computer. Get this, she likes Anime. So while we were there helping and teaching we introduced Samurai Jack. And she started watching. You know, it was like 2005 when that program was taken off the air. I feel old. Beyond introducing it, we couldn't participate in the battles of Jack. Sad day, all will be rewarded in the end.
Ninja, I forgot about that. We have been teaching that funny hand slapping game to the adolescent in our area. Elder Verissimo has not let me win since I started with him. And so that has been fun as we get to the houses, teach a lesson then slap each other’s hands.
This week I had the sad experience to arrive in the home of an inactive member that has family that aren't members that have been disappointed with the experience. The members that have gone inactive have done so because of insensitive remarks about how they have been dressed. The non-members were under intense pressure of the missionaries that worked with them and as they were unable to complete their goals, they gave up. I ask this in humble and pleading note: Please don't cause this to happen wherever you are. Missionaries or member, be sensitive and patient. These people are humble and good. They have their challenges, but instead of doing as these people have done, help me help them. Be an example of the believers and a friend to the humble.
Have a great week! Stay happy, stay firm!
Elder Joel A. Smith

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