Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Brasileiros, Cachorros e Este Negocio Aí... [Brazilians, Dogs ?lost translation? …]

Olá! Bem Vindo semana dois de transferência... Nem sei mais. [Hello! Welcome week two transfer ... I do not know more.]
Here's the story of my life for the week:
So now that everyone knows me here now as the missionary of the desert (I had to explain the definition for a few) I had a few odd questions asked. [People ask me what] odd foods [I have eaten], for example, crickets, ants, wasps, scorpion and for some snake. But that said, people here are trying to figure out who I really am. I'm practically a part of the branch. But still I'm quite removed only because I'm a missionary and not a resident.
Alright, we finally were able to mark a date[for baptism] with one of our investigators. Here in about 3 weeks. We'll be trying to accompany that as close as we can. The deal is he travels a lot. That may be a problem latter, but for now he is alright.
This last week about killed us from the amount of heat the sun wanted to give us. It was made only worse when the wind stopped. And then we had a nasty food surprise when we both ate something that did not agree with us, that resulted in a rather sad day of taking turns. Fortunately for us, we have rain in the coming days to look forward to. That should cool us down a bit.
Sabido, we were walking down the street when suddenly: PUPPY! which was bad! The amount of animals abandoned is a sad number here, and this puppy was just following us. We were walking along the main road and that is a kill-zone for dogs here, so we led him to a side road and when he got there he started following a recycler, at which point we tried to escape, only to have the miserable animal run behind us again. As a missionary you can't do much.
Beyond that, we are having fun finding people, I'm 'relearning' to teach. I'm hoping that this time I'll be able to apply better what I know. That's the trick to all this: application.
This caught my eye this week, Mosiah 3, happy study! Send me what you all find. If you find what in this chapter called my attention, you'll get a brownie point in the next email!
That's all for this week, have a good one!
Elder Joel A. Smith

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