Monday, February 1, 2016

Greetings Brasil, We Have NEWS

This week has been a struggle to relearn the principle of love and charity. That has been an ugly little struggle this last while, however I have managed to reapply the feelings and that has helped a lot.

I have remained here for quite a while and it'll be likely in the next...4 weeks to be on my way to a new location. But as I'm still working here: We have 2 dates marked for a baptism, however, one has some relationship and personal issues to work out. We are hunting investigators that have potential to be baptized soon! We have this wonderful family that are less-actives (That would be, 2 actives, one more or less, one that is in a state of rebellion, and the other isn't baptized yet). Playing cards with them is entertaining while we talk about what we can do to help the others get to church. And then we have the age-old investigators that are... dealing with issues. Hopefully this will be changing here soon.

As for stories of the week, we had a lot of sun, I'm dark for the first time in my life. MEANING that it's going to be an absolute pain to go back to the same color. And I got burned... a lot. Then in the last 3 days RAIN!!! Hallelujah! So the stories are these: we went to the house of one of our investigators and found the sleeping kitties in the photos below. They aren't the same in race or parents so the fact that they are putting up with each other is quite nice. The one thing that we got a kick out of was what happened when they were fighting. The grey one, despite being smaller beats on the black one and he just gets grumpy and then he gets beat more. The grey one only practices with him.

Have a good week, take care, pray always!

Elder Joel A. Smith


Lunch with Sister Luciana

Selfie in tree with Elder Ibarra


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