Sunday, February 21, 2016

Brazilian Sun and Storms on the Horizon‏

From February 8, 2016

This week I wanted to have a moment of rest in my endless battle against my old enemy: Slothfulness! I took a little look at how I've been overall in my last little while of work, and I've noticed a decrease in activity. That means that I have to pick up my pace.

We had a good week. Not everyone we taught is progressing, but we hope to see some improvements here soon. Unfortunately, some of the dates that we've marked have fallen through as they have been unable to go to church or something else is not allowing them.  We'll get to the center of it.

My week had some fun encounters in the rain, we were running from one lesson to another, and we got caught up in a tempest. We got wet, but while we were wet we made a contact that we said we'd go back and visit. On the return however, the family was not ready for us, deferring for a bit later. We knocked two doors and found a young woman who had already been visited by missionaries but had not yet been converted. We had the opportunity to teach, but the father talks a lot. We're hoping on our next visit we can help them progress. We then have been occupied in finding new people to teach. We have also been surprised a lot this week with surprise storms. So we have been hot and very dried out and then wet very quickly. And we've entered in the week of Carnaval. That means I will be asking a lot of people to turn off the TV when we enter. DON'T LOOK UP PICTURES!!

That's all for this week, have a good one! And until next time!

Elder Joel A. Smith

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