Monday, February 22, 2016

Os Últimos Dias e Você‏ [The Last Days and You]

Hello, from Brasil I'm glad you are all well... or at least that's what I'm hearing. 

I'm still in Guarapuava, I'm likely to be leaving soon. From what the president has told me I've been here and he gave me the signal that I'll be heading out. I'll be working really hard this last week I'm here. But that said, we had an excellent meeting yesterday, President Fernandes was there and gave a few well-placed trainings for the Branch. We also had the baptismal service for Regenaldo. So the weekly record stands 1 baptism 0 confirmations (until next week). 

I'm glad to say that we have a lot to do here still. We have a lot of dates and people that we're meeting, but may or may not progress. We're working on that. We also have a few odd stories of the week. We had a division with the Zone leaders, which was good for me.

Hope you are well. Have family home evening! 

Elder Joel A. Smith

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