Sunday, March 6, 2016

Feris de Verão Brasil‏ [,something. of Summer, Brazil]

From 2/29/16

For me, summer break is over. I had a good run in the interior of Paraná, almost half my mission. Now I'm back in Curitiba. I'll miss the people I met, the investigators we had and the friends (and what I call family) that I made. We're all brothers and sisters, and after all the time I was in Guarapuava it felt like a second farewell.

This week we did a lot of work, got rained on a lot and found some interesting people. Elder Verissimo and I had our last lunch with Regenaldo and his family, and as the American joke continues there weren't any beans this time. We visited our investigators quickly, gave a brief tchau to our friends and left. By bus, it took a while, and gave me a headache afterwards. But all's well. I have a new companion, Elder Rosado, from Equador. He's the cousin of Elder Ibarra, to make things more interesting. I'm not sure of anything here in the area as of yet, but I'm excited to learn.

I really won't be putting anything here this week by way of stories, but I'll put a few important events: Regenaldo was baptized and confirmed; his wife's happened yesterday (or at least we hope so). Legeslaine is firm and she's going to work with her brother, daughter and father to get them back into the church. (her mother is complicated ... not much we can do.) Valdiane is firm and is going to be baptized. End of story after many jokes and visits. Valdir, firm in the faith, working on his eternal family, working with the President of the branch and district to get to the temple. Elder Verissimo FALTA 3 meses pra transferência de volta para casa. [LACKS three months to transfer back home].

Have a great week everyone, Por vocês lendo isso aí, não si sente mau porque não escrivei tudo em português. Quando chegar em casa, tudo vai ser escrito em Português. [For you reading this there, I do not feel bad because it’s not written all in Portuguese. When you get home, everything will be written in Portuguese.]

Until next week. Até a Próxima semana!

Elder Joel A. Smith

O ultimo por do sol de verão. [The last of the summer sun]

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