Sunday, April 17, 2016

Brasil ... and Ecuador‏

From 03/07/16
Hello, from CURITIBA... AGAIN!

I now have a decent idea of the area that I'll be serving. It's an area of middle class people and a poorer class that is really neat to visit. I'll be set for the next 3 months at least. Here's the news, we were in a branch with a high frequency, and now I'm in a ward with a low frequency. SO, lesson learned: Some branches are more effective in retaining than some wards.

My new companion, Elder Rosado, is from Ecuador, my first Hispanic companion and my first TRAINING experience. No one told me, but I'm finishing the training of another missionary. We should get along pretty well; he works, and I don't want to be tired yet. Another 6 transfers and I can be tired. He still gives me a bad time about the jets that pass overhead every once in a while. 

As for stories ... I have one that's fun. Read Exodus 20 about the 10 commandments. In Português we read: Remember the day of SATURDAY to sanctify it. To my displeasure many are refusing to read in Spanish: Remember the DAY OF REST to sanctify it. Or in English. SO, lesson learned, The Bible was translated... and unfortunately many PLAIN AND PRECIOUS things were removed or CHANGED!!! So the debate of SATURDAY (sabido) in place of SABATH (sabá) was a little over-used this week. But we're teaching and finding many good people to teach and help. I'm glad to be here. And I'll send photos of the new area as soon as I have them. Until next week!

Elder Joel A. Smith

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