Monday, April 18, 2016

Brasil, and well …

Brasil, we have been having a lot of fun finding and teaching people from all walks of life, but what has really been my worry has been the unrest that has been messing with us. We've heard every type of "Brazil is in war" and "police now have permission to use what force is needed to keep peace and control" that we worry one day it will be true and no one will believe it.

But the work continues and God answers prayers. We prayed to find and teach, and we found a family who was praying to hear our message. We were thrilled. When we got all this week done we smiled and then we grunted. We have a lot of work to do. That'll be the adventure next week but, I hope you don't mind the short mail this week—I have to do a lot today still. Until next week!

Elder A. Smith

Elders - Cousins - Filling the Baptismal Pool

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