Sunday, April 17, 2016


From 03/14/16

Hello family, friends, and my other relationships...

This week we had a wonderful conference with President Fernandes. We all got a little singed. HOWEVER, it was a very good meeting with him. In the end of all that we had some good reminders about what is our purpose as missionaries. The Doctrine & Covenants mentions COUNTLESS times we are to teach nothing save it be repentance. So, that has been the change of plans from President Fernandes to us. We are much more focused on teaching the gospel of Christ than we otherwise would think.

We also have found some fun errors in Portuguese that have caused at least six other churches to form. YAY CONFUSION! We love when we GET to explain, and now that I have a Spanish speaker with me it's 100% easier to explain that the translation is wrong, not the Bible.

Story of the week, "KNOCKING".
We were walking down a street like any other, when we got the urge to knock a door that was inhabited by what looked like a bear. When we got closer we discovered it was a St. Bernard cross. The family couldn't come out, but the dog about tore open the gate to get to us. RELIEF, no hair was lost on the part of the missionaries. We then found a house with a young man that was taught by missionaries but had fallen into that "we forgot to make a record of him" mess. So we are working with him and his older brother. After the St. Bernard it was a very large hound/ German dog mix. Also fun, but this one didn't want to eat missionary so all is well.

Have a good week!

Elder Joel A. Smith

Elder Rosado and Elder Smith with the Scriptures


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