Sunday, April 17, 2016

Brasil, Food, and Ecuador‏

 From 03/28/16

Friends, family I'm excited, I'm pumped really, my little bro is going on a mission! I'm a little envious as he'll be close to the water wanting to or no, Jamaica!

My news of the week is more of the same:  contacts, lessons, my companion got sick for two days and he had to "rest" while still walking and teaching and all that. But we are working in some interesting notes. We "found" (rather "were found") by a single mom who has a brother being taught in São Paulo. Date of baptism, 16 of April. Quite excited she is. In the end, we're doing well; we just need to find more people to teach. As we had an EXTENSIVE study of the mission letter, so this last part is going to be brief.

Food, why? Brasilians COOK!! I'm sorry I didn't have a camera. We have been eating our own weight every 3 days! And the food is incredible. I'm not able to get the recipes that I would like but the ones I get I'll send! We had the pleasure and displeasure of eating and then having to go out into the sun. That about killed us how tired we were! But we lived. As winter approaches this will be less of a problem. Until next week!

Elder Joel A. Smith

Joel with Elder Rosado

Checking the Calls

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