Sunday, April 17, 2016

Waterless, Baptisms, And ... Brasil‏

 From 04/11/16
Well, transfer scare passed. We're staying! WOOOOOHHOOOOOO! But we got combined with the other Oswaldo Cruz area, which is about the same size as the area we are already working. So we will be walking a lot this month and a half. We also are hoping for some fixes that will make this month more ... bearable.

This week we had the baptism of Valéria; it was super special. She was the first I saw that came up from the water crying like she did. I wanted to hug her, but let's be reasonable: Bishop, Elder Rosado, and two other returned missionaries wouldn't report that to the mission president? Não pode! [Cannot!] We felt the Spirit and she did, too, so it is good that we stayed so we can explain all the new feelings to her. The other thing is that she already made friends with a returned missionary couple. So she'll be firm even in our departure.

The other thing is a sad thing really. WE HAVE NO WATER IN THE HOUSE FOR 4 DAYS! We have been running to the other missionaries to help us, resolve needs, take showers, etc. That has been a pain but we'll live it out. We paid our taxes, but we got cut on the last day. So we'll get back into the system today we hope.

But that's all the time we have for this week! Until next week! 

Elder Joel A. Smith

Day 1 Without Water

Day 2 Without Water

Day 3 Without Water


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