Sunday, April 17, 2016

Life Down Under, Brasil‏

 From 03/21/16

Life has about wrapped itself around me and is dragging me down to what we call as missionaries "death"—for you who don't know this term it means the end of the mission. I'm caught in a time stream that seems to have accelerated and thrown me into a wild loop, but that's okay.

We are in week ... 4 of the transfer now, and that means that we'll be doing a lot of date marking for baptisms and lots of finding attempts. We have been to the temple (for me that was a "finally!"), and I got to have a really cool experience there.  And we moved an older lady in our area, which we're suffering from still. Many heavy things were placed on my shoulders—many heavy things. That's all the time I have for this week, but take care, talk to you all next week!

Jason, Blake and Nate:  Missions in Brasil are hard! But not because of the people—it’s because missionaries are difficult!

Elder Joel A. Smith

Easter Egg

At the Temple

Helping a Sister Move

The Name Tag

At the Temple

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