Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Week 5 Brasil

From Jan 11, 2016

It's been a fun week here in Guarapuava. We had some tense moments, some sad moments and a lot of cool cars. (See the photos below)
I worked and worked and now we're coming to another close of the transfers of the mission. So I'm working with a great house. They are very good a willing to help, and they want to baptize. (as the phrase of the MTC Brasil says "nosso proposito como missionário é BATIZAR!!") I still am convinced that that phrase is still the same in the PMG hand book. (INVITE all to come unto Christ...)
As the adventure in the house continues, we actually managed to launch a small soccer ball out the window, into the back yard of, what could be better, the local bar. It wasn't that hard really, we just were putting around in the house when suddenly.... We discovered the window was open. It's funny to think as Elder Grabski was kind of right in front of the window, the ball still passed by him and into the air. We recovered it, but after two days the ball was in a sad state.
We also have been teaching some fun families. Luis and his family have been less-active since I arrived in Guarapuava, we have been working little by little and at least his oldest daughter has been returning strong, her brother is very excited for a mission the daughter OF THE daughter is STILL running from us. So, I decided to put on a Sasse hat and make her stick around. (Again, photo below.)
Have a good week, stay out of trouble! Until next week!

Chevy SS

Elder A Sasse with Luis

Ford Maverick

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