Saturday, September 24, 2016

Brasil, and Funny Shakes

[from 9-12-16]
Hello everyone!
This week has been almost uneventful as I got myself sick. even if I recovered. But my companion has been reminding me over and over that I'm on my last leg ...  Not that I want him to, but it's true.
We have been visiting a couple in the ward that has had some interesting problems. They are getting much better. However, we still can't get them to resolve the rest. It takes a while to convince a Brasilian to do something. But we'll get them going.
After all that we had a couple of lunches that we had to travel almost out of town to get to! Like 30 minute bus rides! Then we have had some moments this week where I just looked at my companion and asked "What?" Like the drunk guy who wanted to walk to Santa Catarina. He stopped us and asked us how to get there. So that was fun.
Other than that we're trying to get ourselves back on track with finding new people to teach. We now have a list to find the less active members of the ward, but it'll be fun to find them all.
Were happy and having fun. Hope to hear you are all well!
Talk to you all next week!
Joel A. Smith
The District!

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