Sunday, September 4, 2016

Brasil and Ward Stuff

[from August 29]

Hello everyone,

My week has seen me in better shape, including better physical shape! As I wasn't sick this week, we pounded ourselves hard. We have had some hard work to do here. Like finding. It's the dreaded "second visit" curse here. They run so we don't find them.  Other than that we're happily at work.

In the activity this week we were pushed to an absolute limit physically. We had an obstacle course that pushed us.  I'm actually surprised I couldn't take more. I've only been off training for a year and ten months ... oh, wait.

The other fun stuff is that we are looking forward to have a visit from President Costa this week in the mission. He has already been here, but we're looking forward to see him again. I already have made it in my studies to the book of Ether (in the Book of Mormon). I have noted some latter-day prophecies that have me a bit preoccupied as I have noted that a lot of people will be judged by written things that they don't want to read.

Amigos, eu esto vivo! Esto feliz, determinado e vou terminar esta missão. Ainda que todo meu corpo seja consumado por cansaço, dor ou doença. O chamado foi feito. Eu respondi. Estes são os resultados. Não posso reclamar que não consegui. Deus me qualificou.

[Friends, I am alive! I am happy, determined and I will finish this mission. Though my whole body is accomplished by fatigue, pain or illness. The call was made. I answered. These are the results. I cannot complain that I did not (get it?). God called me.]

Love you all, I'll be glad to hear from you all.

Joel A. Smith

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