Tuesday, September 6, 2016

My Brasilian Week

I have been thinking over what I could share of this week. And I think the best answer I can give is that I have been doing as I always have. I have been seeing the people and sharing the knowledge that I have acquired.

This week it has rained a lot. We actually got a lot less done than we otherwise could have, but that's a part of the work. We got to family home evening this week and had fun, got stopped by a drunk that started calling himself "god" and on top of all that we have had some fun with a couple of the families here. The story of the drunk guy was actually like this:  We were on our way to a lesson when we got called to by him, he talked to us for only one minute before he started accusing us of not taking him seriously and started calling me "Judas"... Then he started making comments like "as God is in all things, I'm god." I tried my best to not lose my patience with the guy, but that took a lot, as we were already almost late to another appointment.

Anyway, we had trouble with the rain actually locking us in while it was coming down so hard. We were either going to be wet, or sick, neither sounded good. So we avoided it. Then we had some good experiences with teaching a couple about the need to have a religion in such a wild world; it gets better, as the current state of Brasil is in chaos thanks to the presidential change here. So that'll be fun for the next week. Other than that we are working to get everything back into balance. But we're alright. Hope to hear from you all next week!

Elder A. Smith
Obstacle Course During a Ward Activity

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