Sunday, October 30, 2016

Brasil, Chuva e Templo [Rain and Temple]!

[from October 10]
Hello friends and family,

We had a fun couple of weeks.  I didn't have time last week to send a group mail as I was getting back from the temple, and I had a more important matter I had to take care of.
When we finally got back to do everything it was almost 5 PM. But the temple was a wonderful experience.  I learned a lot and I made a bit of personal progress.  And we have had a lot of fun in our companionship study. I've learned more here with Elder Santos than I can explain here.
We had some fun events in the last couple of weeks that have messed with my head:  one of these is finding new people.  Just when I think we've found everyone who there is to teach here who are ready to hear the message of salvation, we find and mark a day to baptize another. And we have found some that literally fell into our laps. This has been a lot of what has kept me going:  finding the "one". And then trying not to get abused by the other 150 churches that exist here. That's the problem with people, they aren't exactly the most logical when it comes to the topic of religion.
Any way, we are happy;  we're teaching people with so many backgrounds and problems that I can't keep all the people straight some days. But that's why we have a day planner. We also live in the middle of a hole that’s a long way from the rest of the city, so we spend a lot on bus trips and eating out while we're here. And as it's a hole, ALL the rain we get gets pooled where we need to walk. I have had wet feet this last little while. Not a good feeling. But I'm happy and all is going well.  Sorry for the lack of pictures. The computers might be have bugs, and I don't want to ruin anything.
Until Next Week!
Elder Joel A. Smith

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