Sunday, October 30, 2016

Uai, Visguenta e Sorry

[from 10-17-16]
Hey everyone,
This week I have a lot to write and little time. We had some fun with knocking and not receiving ... at least not yet. We found almost no new people to teach, but we had some fun in the flight of some of the souls who try to avoid us. That I could tell you all, as a rule here in Brasil, if they don't want it, they hide under their beds and wait for us to go away.
But we had some success in running around and finding our investigators who have already accepted the invitation to pray and read. We're working tirelessly now. We have even taken to marking lessons on our p-day.  None of the people who we have already taught have noticed that we have been slowly upping the level of the invitation, but we'll be expecting a few people to fall through here in a while. For now, we are just glad that we have the people we do.
We found a couple of good families, again the age-old problem: no one is married. So there will be some marriages in São Marcos in the near future. All of that in mind, I'm still determined to find and teach the elect and bring them to Zion. (Sião here).
We're happy and healthy, a little tired, as here in the south of Brazil they have daylight savings, and we just jumped forward. But hoping you're all well, I look forward to hearing from you all soon. Have a great week!
Elder Joel A. Smith

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