Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Battle and the Band

[from 10-24-16]
Hello all my friends and family,
This is a message to all you who have been following my progress either by blog or by email: I'm now no longer authorized to call people to repentance, but I will still invite all who will listen. My authority of two years has been passed as of Saturday. I'm now on "break". But I'm still determined to work hard.
My life is great at the moment, the work we had this last week went well; we found some new people and made the leaders here on the mission a bit wide eyed. We have had a lot of fun this week running from dogs, finding new people to teach and our greatest moment this week: for the first time on my mission I found an Adeventista that didn't want to fight me over Saturday being the Lord's day. It was a good experience to talk with him about the Lord's work.
We also had a roof to change, which was a lot of work and I got really tired doing it, but the family was glad of the help. I think with all the bricks that we threw around, if it had been just the family they would have been working until this morning.
Now I have a lot to do today and I hope you all are well! Until next week!
Elder Joel A. Smith

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