Monday, February 9, 2015

Meu Amados Irmãos, tenho algum mais para dizer [My Dear Brothers, I have some more to say]

Hello, and welcome to another episode of "Joel gets lost in this Freaking country!!!"

Last time... I actually don't remember what I wrote last time. Desculpe! [Excuse me]. This week we had a great experience with Gabriel, Bruno, and Chris who all came to church this week. WOOO HOO!! And just a story of my companion and today for you guys this week as I'm really quite sad on time. Quantas vezes Élder, quantas vezes? [How often Elder , how often ?]

My dear companion, Élder R. Lima, and I are now used to each other and almost dying of laughter every week. This week we had a good laugh. District meeting, we managed to buy a package of cookies, a one-kilo bar of chocolate, and some dangerous taffy. So, Elder Peay, my Zone leader, is in the district with us, and he was with the taffy and cookies, I was with a knife and the 1 kilo bar of chocolate (THAT THING WAS THICK OKAY?) on the other side of the room. So we were quite focused on weekly planning, due to the fact that my companion is the district leader, I was doing individual study. Elder Peay called my name and when I looked up, I caught a glimpse of what I thought was a black eraser flying at my head. I caught it (with one hand) only to discover that it was a cookie from Élder Peay. After that he continued calling names at random and chucking cookies. My poor companion, his eyes aren't the best, he got nailed in the head by a speeding cookie. He now has a phobia of any small-flying objects.

Today, food at a pizzeria!!! So here the photos and the story: Every 5th week of the transfer, zone gets together at the pizzeria and eats, well, everything. We're missionaries, what did you expect? This week was special, the assistant to the president is going home to Utah, the cousin of my trainer is going home too. So this was more of a funeral party than anything for them. So we sat around the table and told hilarious stories of the mission and went back to our areas. But Do Not Eat the Fruit Pizzas Here!!!

Zone Party at Pizzeria

Half-shot of Joel

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