Monday, February 2, 2015

Meu Semana de trabalho (My Work Week)

This week was really hard for us, our contacts are really low due to the amount of time it takes us to get to our arias of teaching and people here are a little intimidated of the missionaries, so always the story of the good Samaritan comes to mind. Especially the part where the people pass by on the other side of the road.

But we did have an awesome experience this week with the Baptism of Thamires!!!! WOO HOO!!! Thamires did get baptized this Sabado [Saturday]. She was really ready all the way from the start, with a grandma that was a member and was a really good example to her, her aunt and uncle, and already a missionary inviting people that weren't members to her baptism! So we taught her the remaining lessons and the day of the baptism we literally sat and watched the one spout in the fonte de batismal fill the pool. For three hours. But that wasn't the only problem, we literally couldn't figure out why the heater for the font wouldn't work, so she was baptized in warm water until about knee height, below that was bitter cold. Her cousin was happy about that. Her uncle baptized her, and she cried (I'm pretty sure that's normal, if you other missionaries notice anything different let me know). The day after I gave the Confirmation blessing... and my legs wouldn't stop shaking. A first time for everything, and that was my first confirmation.

As hard as it is to learn this new tongue, I'm now getting it and having trouble at times remembering all the words for my e-mails.

So my feet... finally they're getting better. After almost 4 "freaking" weeks! And no one knows ainda oque este problema é! (yet what the problem is). I have a theory that it is some kind of fungus that got in my sweat and started wrecking my feet, but, we still don't know.

I probably will have to pay up a milkshake this week for my companion. I'm on six and that's darn close to the line, but I'll likely stay there for a while. I've been practicing!

So cool story special for you guys this week: My companion and I were walking down a street to visit a family were visiting who in the words of my companion are "fubecando" and not keeping the invitations. As we passed one group of houses he got the impression to stop and turn back (which I was absolutely fine with as I totally agree with his description of the family) and we "knocked" and found two very ready women and taught them the first lesson. At least the mom was very involved. We'll likely baptize them in the coming weeks, if I stick around in the area long enough. 
There you go, Meu e-mail especial por Vocês, ATÉ PROXIMA SEMANA!!! [My special email for you, UNTIL next week!!!]

Élder A. Smith
Elders Smith and Lima with "Pringoooools"

Elders Smith and Lima with Tamires

Elders Lima and Smith with Tamires and unknown (family?)

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