Monday, February 23, 2015

My Life and Times Here in Brasil

E ai e [And then]!!!
So I'm finally understanding enough of the language to speak and teach these people here without the annoying "and what my companion said …" routine of my companion. So I'm glad that he's with me to help me out, but sometimes it's really hard to have a tiny vocabulary and an even smaller window of words I can actually pronounce!

The week has been great, and I'm still learning a lot everyday about the language but I'm really trying hard to just teach simply for now. I have a lot of fun experiences but I think I'll share one that missionaries take for granted here in Brasil. Walking in the streets of one or our Vilas we "knocked" a house and found out that one of the Irmãs [sisters] in our ward is actually really integrated with the people in the area, too. While we taught [the woman], she kept asking questions like "what does that word mean" and "Who's the prophet today." We got really excited about this, but then the next time we tried to pass by the house she was busy with a family reunion, which, by the way, is every Sunday here, in case you didn't know. You who are in Brasil already know... Or at least I'd think you would have encountered some families like that already. But one good thing about the whole family reunion thing is that you can talk and invite them to a member’s house for "Family night," and they'll be more than happy to accept.

So I've sent off two companions in the same number of transfers. Horrible things, I'm kind of sad my companions aren't sticking around long enough to watch the fruits of their labors. But what can you do? President Fernandes is pretty straight forward with us on transfers: go and do as the Lord commands.  ATÉ PRÓXIMO [UP NEXT]!!!
Elders Lima and Smith - last visit with Thamires

With new companion, Elder Matos

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