Monday, March 2, 2015

A Note from Brazil

Então, olá e bom dia! Hoje temos nuvem de mais e é pocino frio. [So , hello and good morning! Today we have more cloud and is pocino (a little?) cold.]

Truth is that we have a lot of members here that are great for helping out the missionaries. We got bus-fair this week from the Relief society, we almost always have lunch in the houses of members, and my personal favorite is the random honking that means "Hey Elders, wave at one of the hundreds of cars you can't see into and smile!" And we also get these awesome little rolls here every week from a sister in the ward... helpful for dejejum [breakfast]. 

The lessons this week are got tougher, more or less because I'm starting to understand more of the problems these people have. And, well, Elder Matos is super new to the area and with the investigators I've already met he sits somewhat quietly while I try to start the lesson. With the less active members he sometimes tries to slip in a phrase I haven't learned yet to make fun of me. He's figured out now that I understand more than I can verbalize. HA! finally remember that word! So we got a reference from a cartãozinho [cards] we give out and dropped off a DVD (Encontrando fé em Cristo) [Finding Faith in Christ] and taught the first lesson a few days later.   

Elder Joel A. Smith

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