Monday, March 30, 2015

Mission Adventures This Week

So in the week to come we'll likely have a baptism who was happily found by the elders of the area next door. And with the exception with a few of the commandments, they taught about all she needed to know. We robbed them of one baptism, but they had one last week, so it's all good. We are also trying to use the members more in the ward to teach. We had two splits this week to help us teach the increasing number of people that we've found are only at home at night. 

We also used the split to avoid making us go crazy: The never ending humor of my companion and I continually bantering about what we're going to do to each other when we get back. He's given me a lot of teasing this transfer, so as agreed, he will visit the States, I will destroy him in fencing, he will try to destroy me in paintball, and we'll be friends after that.

I have a confession to make. I can get places I had no intention of visiting without even walking 5 blocks. Here's the story: I got up a few days ago, and all was well and right with the world. Studied,
exercised, and got a phone call from my companion who was visiting a different area to help the elders there out. "Go to the terminal at 10:30," he said "we'll wait for you". SOOO, we got to the point of the bus, grabbed a bus and were happily on our way to the terminal when the bus suddenly had a desire to fly off to the center of Curitiba. An hour and a little after getting on the bus, we arrived at the terminal of Campo Comprido where my companion was waiting, I got to tell him
that the OTHER mission has some pretty areas and that they have restaurants that are better than our area. But in the end we just laughed that I managed to get lost in the center of Curitiba after 5
months in the same area.

Elder A. Smith

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